{{appName}} Account Terms and Conditions 1. {{appName}} Account 1. These {{appName}} Account Terms and Conditions are between you (the account holder) and {{appName}}. By using your {{appName}} Account, Card and the app, you are agreeing to these terms. 2. The {{appName}} Account is an e-money product so is not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). However, your funds are held in a segregated account, which may only be used for the purpose of holding customer funds, and which is protected by safeguarding requirements under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011. These protections mean that in the unlikely event {{appName}} TECH CO,. LTD became insolvent, the return of customer funds would take priority over all other creditors and uses other than in one respect, which is the cost of the insolvency proceedings. However, you should be aware that in an unusually severe insolvency event, some or all of your funds could be at risk and you could lose your money. 3. Your {{appName}} Account is an e-money account with additional features, including Direct Debits and Faster Payments. 4. Your {{appName}} card is a VISA card provided by {{appName}} TECH CO,. LTD. 5. Protecting your privacy is very important to us. Please review our Privacy Notice to understand our commitment to maintaining your privacy. It also contains important information on the personal data we collect about you, how we process your personal data and who your personal data might be shared with. 6. Your agreement with us includes these terms, along with the {{appName}} TECH Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Notice. You can request a copy of any of these documents, by contacting us. 2. Definitions In these terms and conditions, the following words and phrases have the meanings shown next to them: Continuous Payment Authority or Recurring payment – When you have given a company permission to regularly take money from your card; the company can request payment from your card whenever it is deemed that you owe them money Direct Debit – The customer permits someone else (recipient) to instruct the account provider to transfer money from the customers account to that recipient. The account provider then transfers money to the recipient on a date or dates agreed by the customer and the recipient. The amount may vary E-money – Electronic money: the electronically stored monetary value of funds held in your {{appName}} Account. Funds received into your {{appName}} Account may be used for the purpose of making payments or transactions outside of {{appName}} and its partners. E-money will be referred to throughout these terms and conditions as 'money'. For regulatory purposes, where money is referred to in this document, this denotes 'e-money' Fees – A variety of charges that can be raised for purchase and ongoing use of the {{appName}} Card and {{appName}} Account Main account – The first account you were issued with when you applied for a {{appName}} Account. PIN – Personal identification number, i.e. the security number provided for use with the card and may be required to complete a transaction Recipient – Also known as a payee. A party that you send a payment to from your {{appName}} Account. You can choose whether you would like to save a recipient to your {{appName}} Account for ease of payments to this party in the future or you can choose to input the recipient’s details for each payment Standing order – The account provider makes regular transfers, on the instruction of the customer, of a fixed amount of money from the customers account to another account. Supplier – A retailer, merchant or other supplier of goods and/or services that accepts payment by means of a card, card number, PIN or card and signature Supplier’s bank – the organisation used by the supplier for the purposes of receiving payments arising from transactions Transfer/Payment – A payment to or from your {{appName}} Account. A transfer can be a one-off payment or a regular automated payment such as a standing order or direct debit. Payments that you can make from your {{appName}} Account include card payments, direct debits, standing orders, single payments, ATM withdrawals and continuous payment authorities. Payments can be made out of your {{appName}} Account by inputting your details online, over the phone or in person. Payments in to your {{appName}} Account include Faster Payments in, {{appName}}s payments in, transfers in from another {{appName}} Account or Extra Account or cash payment in {{appName}} Account – This is your e-money account as a whole which includes the main account you were issued with when applying, along with any other Extra Accounts you may have set up {{appName}} Card – A prepaid Visa Debit card provided for use with your {{appName}} Account Verifying your identity – The confirmation of your personal identity and information through checks performed when you open your {{appName}} Account or upon requests for further information Website – The website, {{appName}}.one, operated by {{appName}} TECH CO,. LTD. Working day – A day between and including Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm (UK time) and Saturdays between 10am and 5pm (UK time) except for bank or public holidays in England and Wales You/your – The person who has opened a {{appName}} Account and is authorised to use the card and account as provided for in this agreement 3. Account set up and access 3.1 You must be 18 or over and a UK resident to open and hold a {{appName}} Account. 3.2 To comply with current regulations regarding Strong Customer Authentication, you must have a mobile phone to set up this account. 3.3 Applications for a {{appName}} Account are only available through our website or mobile app. For all the information you need to provide when applying and why we take this information, please read our Privacy Notice. 3.4 Upon verifying your identity and being accepted for a {{appName}} Account you will be issued with a {{appName}} virtual Card and an account number. 4. Account use 4.1 Your {{appName}} Account is a personal account and it should not be used for business purposes. 4.2 We reserve the right to restrict or limit the ability to use the {{appName}} Account for gambling and investing, including trading in cryptocurrency or other currencies. 4.3 We reserve the right to request information at any time regarding the source of the funds used to pay into your {{appName}} Account. We may also suspend use of the account/card where this is the case, pending the satisfactory resolution of our queries. 4.4 We may close, suspend or restrict your account, card or PIN on reasonable grounds relating to: 4.4.1 the security of your account, card, card number or PIN; 4.4.2 the suspected unauthorised or fraudulent use of your account, card or PIN; 4.4.3 or at our discretion if you abuse our staff in any way; 4.4.4 the deliberate use of your account or card to make payments that exceed your available funds, leaving you with a negative balance. 4.5 We will, if possible, inform you before stopping, suspending or restricting your account, card or PIN that we intend to do so and the reasons for doing this. If we are unable to do so then we will inform you immediately afterwards. The requirement to inform you does not apply where it would compromise reasonable security measures or it would be unlawful to do so. 5 Making Payments 5.1 All information on making payments from your {{appName}} Account can be found by logging in to your account. 5.2 You must make sure that you have enough money in your account to make a payment, including any fees we may charge you. Payments due to leave your {{appName}} Account where there are not sufficient funds to cover both the payment and the fee for the payment will decline. 5.3 If you send a payment to an account using incorrect details, we will help you in attempting to retrieve the funds. We offer no guarantee that the funds can be retrieved. 5.4 We may refuse to make a payment if: 5.4.1 it is not in accordance with these terms and conditions and the information provided on the website, or 5.4.2 if the fees applicable would take you into negative balance, or 5.4.3 if the payment is to an organisation to which payments are proscribed by law, or 5.4.4 if the payment is to an organisation to which we are unable to make payments. 5.5 You may choose to temporarily block your {{appName}} Card on the website or the app through the card management area. This is the action to ‘freeze’ your card. If you have frozen your {{appName}} Card, payments cannot be made from your {{appName}} Card. You can choose to unblock, or ‘unfreeze’ your {{appName}} Card at any time by logging in to your account and completing the action through the card management area. 5.6 Should we block your {{appName}} Card and/or account, no payments will be made from your card and/or account until the card and/or account has been unblocked. We accept no responsibility for payments that were not paid into or out of your card and/or account as a result of a block on your {{appName}} Card and/or account. 5.7 You must not make a payment that would leave your account in a negative balance. 5.8 There are some rare occasions where your {{appName}} Account balance may be a negative amount. It is your responsibility to pay funds into your {{appName}} Account immediately to cover any negative balance on your account. If you persistently have a negative balance or fail to pay in to cover a negative balance immediately we reserve the right to close your {{appName}} Account. 5.9 If a payment into your {{appName}} Account is automatically recalled as a duplicate transaction or a transaction sent in error, the payment will be debited from your {{appName}} Account. Should a recall of funds mean that your account is in negative balance it is your responsibility to ensure that funds are paid into your {{appName}} Account immediately to cover the negative balance. 5.10 We reserve the right to engage the services of a third-party debt collection agency to assist in the collection of any negative balance(s) on your account and we may take legal action to recover any outstanding amounts. This may have an adverse impact on your credit rating. 6 Fees and Limits 6.1 The fees and limits relating to your account can be found on our website, or the app, either in the Profile section of your logged-in account, or {{appName}}.one. 6.2 If you do not have sufficient funds in your account to cover the monthly fee, the fee will be deducted from your account the next time funds are paid into your {{appName}} Account. 6.3 If you have partial funds in your account to cover your monthly fee, the partial amount will be debited from your {{appName}} Account and the remaining owed on your monthly fee(s) will be debited from your account the next time funds are paid into your {{appName}} Account. 6.4 If we are unable to take your monthly fee for one month, the next month we will attempt to take the monthly fee for both the month owed and the current month. 6.5 If we are unable to take your monthly fee for three consecutive months, your {{appName}} Account will be closed. 6.6 We will provide you, via the Website, with an annual statement of Fees which will set out all Fees incurred during the relevant period for services linked to your {{appName}} Account. 7 Transactions 7.1 You must not use your {{appName}} Card for: 7.1.1 Pre-authorised regular payments; 7.1.2 Transactions for cash (other than cash withdrawal and instore cashback with participating retailers) including, for example, cash from a bank, money orders, travellers’ cheques, foreign exchange, or bureau de change, or any illegal purposes; 7.2 Your card cannot be used in situations where it is not possible for the supplier to obtain online authorisation that you have sufficient balance for the transaction. For example some transactions on trains, ships, and some in-flight purchases. 7.3 Any use of your account, card, card number or PIN constitutes your authorisation and consent to a transaction. You provide authorisation when you input your PIN in person when paying for something, by providing your card to make a transaction or a number of transactions (may be referred to as a continuous payment authority), when you input your card number during an online checkout process or when you set up a standing order, payment or Direct Debit to pay a person or organisation. 7.4 Where you have provided a person or organisation with your consent to a recurring payment or continuous payment authority, you can contact us to cancel this. You must also contact the person or organisation you are paying. You will still be responsible for any money you owe. You must contact us before 2 pm at the latest on the working day before the payment is due. If you do not cancel the payment by the deadline specified above, we cannot accept responsibility for any payments that are subsequently debited to your card and you will need to contact the person or organisation you are paying to cancel the payment. 7.5 We may refuse a transaction or suspend or terminate the right to pay into your account. We may do this if: 7.5.1 A transaction might take you over your available funds in the account; or 7.5.2 A transaction might take you over any of your account or card limits; or 7.5.3 We reasonably believe that we need to do so to keep to the rules of the payment system under which your card is issued; or 7.5.4 We reasonably believe that there are needs to do so to comply with any law or as a matter of good practice. 7.6 If you notice a payment out of your account that you did not authorise, you should contact us and we may require additional information from you to aid any investigation into an unauthorised transaction on your account. 7.7 If we find that a payment transaction was not authorised by you and you have provided sufficient information to us, we will refund the amount of the unauthorised transaction to you on the same working day if we are notified before 4 pm, or by 10 am on the following working day if we are notified of an unauthorised transaction after 4 pm. Where applicable, we will refund any fees that have been incurred as a result of the transaction taking place. These timescales do not apply if we have reasonable grounds to suspect fraud on your part. 7.8 You will be liable for: 7.8.1 All payments and any losses in respect of unauthorised transactions where you have acted fraudulently; 7.8.2 All payments and any losses if you intentionally or negligently failed to take reasonable steps to keep the security features of your card safe or have failed to comply with these terms and conditions. 7.9 We may debit your account with any amount refunded if we subsequently become aware that the payment was authorised by you. 7.10 If it is found that you have deliberately made a false claim that a payment was unauthorised we may report this to the relevant authorities. 8 Liability 8.1 You must always make sure that you keep your {{appName}} Card and your personal security details secure. You should ensure that you: 8.1.1 Do not allow anyone else to use your card; 8.1.2 Do not reveal your PIN and never write down your password(s), PIN or any security information you have given us unless you do this in a way that would make it impossible for anyone else to recognise any of that information; 8.1.3 Only release the card, card number or PIN to make (or try to make) a transaction. 8.2 If your card is lost or stolen or someone else finds out the PIN, or if you think your card, card number or PIN may be misused, you must log in to the website or app and notify us that your card is lost/stolen using the card management area. 8.3 You may not be liable for any use of the card, card number or PIN by another person who does not have your permission to use it or if it is lost, stolen or destroyed, unless: 8.3.1 You agreed to that person having your card, card number or PIN, or through gross negligence or carelessness, failed to comply with condition 7.1, in which case you may be liable for any use that occurs before you tell us in accordance with these terms and conditions; or 8.3.2 You acted fraudulently, in which case, to the extent permitted by law, you may be liable for misuse of the card, card number or PIN. 8.4 If your card is used without your permission ,is lost or stolen, or if you think the card may be misused, we may disclose to law enforcement agencies any information which we reasonably believe may be relevant. 8.5 We will not be liable for: 8.5.1 Any abnormal or unforeseeable circumstances outside our reasonable control (for example, a failure of computer systems which happens for reasons outside our reasonable control or any industrial action which happens for reasons outside our reasonable control) if this prevents us from providing our usual service; 8.5.2 Any person refusing to accept payment; 8.5.3 Any cash dispenser failing to issue cash; 8.5.4 The quality, safety, legality, or any other aspect of any goods or services purchased with the {{appName}} Account or {{appName}} Card; or 8.5.5 The way in which you are told about any refusal or delay. 9 Changes to these Terms and Conditions 9.1 We may change any of these terms and conditions, including changes to fees and charges, or to introduce new terms. We will give 60 days’ prior notice for material changes to the terms and conditions; should the change have no material effect to you or be to your benefit, changes to these terms and conditions will become effective immediately. We will notify you of changes to these terms and conditions by ways described on our website. 9.2 If we change these terms and conditions, the new terms and conditions will be available at {{appName}}.one from the date we notify you of the change. 9.3 You will be deemed to have accepted any change to these terms and conditions unless you notify us of any objection before the proposed date of the change. Between receipt of the notice and the proposed date of the change, if you notify us that you do not accept the change, this agreement will terminate immediately and, subject to condition 10, you can redeem your total balance at that time without charge. 10 Closure Rights 10.1 If you change your mind about having the account and card, you can close it within 14 days of the date on which you receive confirmation of your application being approved by contacting us in ways described on our website. You will not be charged for closing your account and cancelling your card during this period. We will refund to you any balance remaining on the card. 10.2 You can also close your account and cancel your {{appName}} Card any time after the 14 days by contacting us; you will not be charged for closing your {{appName}} Account or cancelling your card. 10.3 You agree that by requesting for your account to be closed we will commence the closure process. This includes: 10.3.1 Cancelling payments due to leave your {{appName}} Account 10.3.2 Rejecting incoming payments to your {{appName}} Account 10.4 Closing your account does not guarantee that payments that are being processed will not leave your {{appName}} Account. We do not accept responsibility for payments that are made from your {{appName}} Account following a closure request. 10.5 You will not be entitled to a refund of money you have already spent on transactions authorised or pending or any fees for use of the {{appName}} Card or {{appName}} Account before the account is closed or the card expires. 11 Ending this agreement 11.1 We may terminate this agreement at any time. We will give you 60 days’ prior notice to termination of the agreement unless it is an exceptional circumstance, which includes abuse to staff and material breaches to these terms and conditions. 11.2 Reasons for ending the agreement may include: 11.2.1 If this agreement or your {{appName}} Card expires; 11.2.2 If you break an important part of this agreement, or repeatedly break the agreement and fail to resolve the matter in a timely manner; 11.2.3 If you act in a manner that is threatening or abusive to our staff, or any of our representatives; 11.2.4 If you fail to pay fees or charges that you have incurred or fail to pay back any negative balance on your card; or 11.2.5 If your account has not had any transactions on it for a consecutive 90 day period. Please note that any fees for non-chargeable transactions do not count as a transaction in this instance. 11.3 We may also close your account and cancel your card immediately if we suspect fraud or misuse of your card or account or have any other security concerns, or need to do so to comply with the law. 11.4 We may close your account if you use it as a business account. 11.5 Once the termination of your account commences, all payment mandates out of your account will be cancelled. Any payments into your account will be returned to the sender. If a payment is in the process of being paid out when the closure process commences there is a possibility that the payment may still go through. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have made alternative arrangements for payments in to and from your {{appName}} Account. We do not accept liability for any payments made or missed as a result of the account termination process commencing. 11.6 If you do not redeem your full balance within 6 years of your card’s expiry date, this agreement terminates. If this happens, you will not be entitled to reclaim any funds that were held in your {{appName}} Account upon termination. 11.7 If you waive any remaining balance in your account upon closure the funds will be transferred into an account held by us and your account will be closed. 12 General 12.1 By entering into this agreement you agree that we may use your information in accordance with our Privacy Notice 12.2 We may monitor and/or record telephone calls between you and us or service providers. 12.3 We may record all communications you have with us including social media interactions. 12.4 You must provide us with an email and postal address and mobile phone number, and let us know of any changes to this information. You must advise us immediately of any changes to the details we hold for you; it is your responsibility to ensure that your details are up to date at all times. 12.5 We may transfer our rights or obligations under this agreement or arrange for any other person to carry out our rights or obligations under this agreement. You may not transfer any of your rights or obligations under this agreement. 12.6 We can delay enforcing our rights under this agreement without losing them. 12.7 If we cannot enforce any paragraph, condition or part of a paragraph or condition under this agreement, it will not affect any of the other paragraphs, conditions or the other part of the paragraph or condition in this agreement. 12.8 This agreement is governed by the law of England and Wales. The language of this agreement is English and all notices and information given under this agreement will be in English. 13 Payment services information 13.1 This condition 15 only applies if the supplier’s bank is located within the qualifying area and the payment services being carried out are transacted in sterling or euro. 13.2 We will ensure that any transaction you make is credited to the supplier’s bank, or that returned funds following redemption or cancellation are credited to your bank by the end of the business day following the day on which the transaction order is received, with the following exceptions: Transactions that are not: 13.2.1 Executed wholly within the qualifying area in euro under a payment scheme which operates across the qualifying area; 13.2.2 Executed wholly under a payment scheme which operates across the qualifying area and executed wholly in the United Kingdom in sterling; or 13.2.3 Executed wholly under a payment scheme which operates across the qualifying area and involving only one currency conversion between the euro and sterling, provided that— the currency conversion is carried out in the United Kingdom; and in the case of cross-border payment transactions, the cross-border transfer takes place in euro. will be credited by the end of the fourth day following the day on which the transaction or order is received. 13.3 If you make a payment directly from your account to another person within the qualifying area and it arrives later than it should have, you can ask us to contact the receiving bank to ask that they treat the payment as if it was made on time. 13.4 In the unlikely event that you spend on your card without knowing the exact amount at the time of authorising the payment (for example, at a hotel), we won’t knowingly block any additional funds in your account beyond the amount requested from the merchant. As soon as we can confirm the exact amount you need to pay, we’ll release any additional blocked funds straight away. 13.5 If you use your card or provide your card details to a supplier to make a transaction before you know the amount that is going to be charged to your card, then you may be entitled to request a refund if the amount is greater than expected, provided that you tell us within eight weeks of the date the transaction is deducted from your balance. You will not be entitled to a refund if you have been told by us, or the supplier, of the amount of that transaction at least four weeks before the transaction is due to be deducted from your balance, and you consented to the transaction. 13.6 On receipt of such a request under condition 15.5, we may require you to provide us with information to ascertain whether the conditions in condition 15.5 have been met. Within 10 days of receiving a request from you under condition 15.5 or on receiving any additional information required under this paragraph, we will provide a refund or justify why we are refusing the request. 13.7 We are liable for the correct execution of the transaction unless we can prove that the transaction was received by the supplier’s bank, in which case the supplier’s bank is liable to the supplier. You may request that we make immediate efforts to trace an incorrectly executed transaction and notify you of the outcome. 13.8 When a supplier initiates a transaction it is the supplier’s bank that is liable for the correct transmission of the relevant details to us. If the supplier’s bank can prove that it is not responsible for a transaction that has failed or has been incorrectly executed, we will be responsible for you. 13.9 If we are responsible for an incorrect amount of a transaction being deducted from your balance, we will correct the error. If we are responsible for a transaction being deducted from your balance which you did not authorise, we will refund the amount of the transaction to your balance and treat the transaction as if it had never occurred. You must inform us of any unauthorised or incorrect transaction as soon as possible and in any event no later than 13 months after the debit date. If you do not do so, we may not be liable. 13.10 We are not liable if you make a payment to the wrong recipient. In such a case, we will make reasonable efforts to recover the funds involved. If you let us know of a payment you’ve paid to the wrong person by mistake over 13 months later, we’ll do our best to trace the payment, but we may charge you a reasonable fee to do this. 14 Complaints 14.1 If you would like to make a complaint or contact us for any other reason connected to these terms and conditions please contact us in ways described on the website. 15 Contacting us 15.1 You can contact us in the ways set out on our website. 16 How we’ll contact you 16.1 We’ll contact you by email, secure message or by telephone. 17 Fee Information Documents 17.1 . We will provide you with a Fee information document, prior to you entering into this Agreement, which will set out all associated Fees of using your {{appName}} Account. This Fee information document (as updated from time to time) will be available at any time from the Website, throughout the duration of this Agreement. This will be provided free of charge. You may also request us to provide this to you on paper.